The Group

ARTEA is a committed player in real estate, renewable energies and services.
Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, ARTEA offers its customers a comprehensive service offer in the various fields of real estate.

Thus, we offer our expertise in the fields of promotion, investment, asset management and asset management, environmental design, architecture, space planning, renewable energy integrated in the building or not.

This positioning allows us to maintain privileged relationships over the long term with our customers whom we accompany, for some since 2001.

So in the 15 major cities of France where we are present, we have housed more than 300 companies and carried out several hundred housing projects.

In energy, we are a committed player in renewable energies: photovoltaics and hydraulics. As an integrated actor, we control the entire value chain of the producer's trade.

We have now become an energy supplier. With the deployment of our offer, we have become a global player in the energy transition.

With ARTEA today we invent the real estate of tomorrow.

A unique business model

The ARTEA model is based on 3 complementary pillars which, thanks to the possible synergies, allows us to propose a unique ecosystem whose key words are the performance and satisfaction of the customers users of our solutions.
This translates into concretely the generalisation of our Green lease model which guarantees the lowest level of loads since 2009.

The 3 pillars on which the company is engaged are:

  • <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-o-right tvert" aria-hidden="true"></i> L’immobilier durable
  • <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-o-right tvert" aria-hidden="true"></i> Les services
  • <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-o-right tvert" aria-hidden="true"></i> Les énergies renouvelables

These 3 activities are our integrated circular economy model.

The word
of the President

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2021, ARTEA is undergoing a new phase of growth that is undoubtedly the most important in its history. Thanks to the solid foundations we have built up in France, particularly in major cities, we are now expanding internationally with great ambitions.

In our different markets, we develop overall projects where we seek to develop the know-how of our different businesses which are :

  • Real Estate
  • The Services
  • Renewable Energies

In the major cities of France where we are established, we are developing our know-how in all areas of real estate development, investment and operation. As an innovative player in commercial real estate and housing, we develop overall projects with our ARTEPARCs but also with Eco-neighbourhood projects offering housing, offices and shops, as well as facilities. Our programs integrate our Smart Grid technology right from the design stage.

In the world of services, we support our programs by offering a unique ecosystem, such as at the ARTEPARC in LILLE-LESQUIN, where in addition to 40,000 m² of office space, we offer an 8,000 m² Services Pole with our "COLOFT" coworking and coliving concept, as well as restaurants, a crèche, and more.

ARTEA SERVICES ensures the animation and the cohesion of these various poles by adopting the codes of the new uses. This unique know-how has enabled ARTEA to win numerous projects in the heart of the city, including international projects.

Since 2009, ARTEA has been one of the first national players to make a radical commitment to energy transition. Thus, renewable energies constitute one of the key development axes of the company. Today, we are inventing a new virtuous economic model thanks to our collective self-consumption technologies linked to integrated renewable energy storage solutions. These solutions are proposed by our subsidiary DREAM ENERGY, energy supplier of the 3rd Industrial Revolution.

ARTEA is a pioneering player in its various businesses. Thanks to the strategic synergies that we develop in favour of a sustainable economy, we offer our customers, local authorities, innovative solutions in preparing the world of tomorrow.


Philippe Baudry

Philippe BAUDRY created in 2001
the company SBC FUND which will become
in 2003 ARTEA company.

Thanks to an expertise acquired in different groups, since its creation ARTEA has given itself as ambition to reinvent the approach of the company real estate.

Quickly the company diversified on all the real estate trades in order to accompany its customers with a global offer. This position is based on strong convictions.

"ARTEA is now the inventor of a new model and is positioned as a committed player in the third industrial revolution. Thus, thanks to our different subsidiaries we are building a virtuous ecosystem committed to the energy transition. We demonstrate every day that a quality architecture can rhyme with energy performance in a neat environment or we offer new services to our users. »

CEO of the ARTEA group of which he remains the majority shareholder, Philippe BAUDRY is also a citizen engaged in civil action in favour of renewable energies. He is thus a Director of the EAF micro-hydraulics Union, National Federation of independent electricity producers.

The team

Our commitments

Offer today the real estate of tomorrow.


We are not a generalist actor with a short term vision.

We are a committed player in the energy transition with convictions that allow us to project ourselves in the long term.


Since its birth, the ARTEA teams have given the best of themselves

to build a unique ecosystem combining real estate creation, energy transition and services.

We offer our customers today the global environmental solutions of tomorrow.

  • The digitalisation of our solutions is one of our strong commitments for our Arteparcs, our coworking spaces and our Coloft buildings. It allows us to offer a better service to our customers while creating a link with our group.
  • We are a pioneering player in the energy transition. This led us to become the only real estate player in France, both producer and energy supplier 100% renewable to the service of its customers.


Since we delivered in 2013 the first French tertiary Park with positive energy

We have continually progressed so that we are proposing a global environmental approach for all our buildings. So almost all of our achievements are now positive energy.

History of the Group


Delivery of Arteparc la Duranne

Acquisition of 7 new hydropower plants, doubling hydroelectric production in France from 8 mW to 16 mW

Acquisition of Château d'Artigny

The French government chooses Dream Energy for the "Support for the deployment of recharging stations for electric vehicles" call for projects under the France 2030 plan

Signature of a partnership between Dream Energy and the French National Taxi Union

Creation of the first exhibition of the Museo San't Orsola, as part of the renovation of the former Convent of Sant'Orsola in Florence.


Dream Energy Mobility launched

Opening of COLOFT, 1st coliving space in Lesquin's Arteparc

Inauguration of Coloft Sophia

Delivery of Arteparc in Nîmes

Launch of Arteparc Bordeaux

Artea completes €13 million bond issue

2-fold increase in sales to €78 million by 2020


100 M€ sales milestone reached

Coworkoffice becomes Coloft


Delivery of the first eco-neighbourhood

Launch of 5 Arteparc

Implementation of the first private Smart-Grid in the PACA region on the Arteparc Sophia

Artesol Energy supplies a large part of the building stock, allowing a neutral CO2 balance.


Opening early 2018 of Coworkoffice's first Coworking space on 2500 sqm within the Arteparc Lille Lesquin

Launch of an investment fund dedicated to renewable energies

Generalization of buildings for self-consumption and storage


Launch of dream energy, a subsidiary of ARTEA, a distributor of electricity

Success of the Sainte-Victoire environmental land bond loan, a 100% subsidiary of ARTEA with €17 million fully subscribed

Creation with the Caisse des Dépot of the SAS Arteparc Hauts de France


Delivery of the 1st building operating in self-consumption and energy storage in Aix-en-Provence

Solar air conditioning patent Depot

Inauguration of the first building of the Arteparc Lille Lesquin

Realization of the building the "Crown" of a surface of 11,000 m² and of the parking Le silo in Nice

Building a heritage of hydroelectric power plants in addition to the heritage of solar power plants


OPA by ARTEA on the MEDEA company by reverse absorption fusion. The ARTEA group is on Euroliste C since 13 June 2014 valued on the day of its quotation in June 2014 to 98 million euros

Development of Arteparc including Lille Lesquin

Deposit of a solar air conditioning patent

Launching "the Crown" in Nice


Delivery of the first ARTEPARC tertiary Park in Meyreuil (13) and inauguration in front of the press and local authorities



Success of the issuance of bonds convertible into shares of close to 9 million euros by environmental land Sainte-Victoire, subsidiary to 100% of ARTEA

Developments of the "Arteparc" with in addition to the Arteparc Meyreuil, the Arteparc Bachasson Meyreuil and the campus Arteparc in Aix-en-Provence.


Creation with the Caisse des repositories et Consignations of the SAS Arteparc Meyreuil

Delivery of 3 buildings of the Arteparc

Resale of Strasbourg properties

Signature of a turnkey of nearly 3 000 m² for GDF-SUEZ in Aix-en-Provence


Launch of the first environmental tertiary Park ARTEPARC in Meyreuil (13) first Office Park, new generation BBC, first positive energy campus of France developing 15 000 m² spread over 9 buildings.


Delivery of the "Prisme" in Aix-en-Provence: 1st positive energy building in the PACA region, 2nd in France.

Signature of a turnkey of 8 000 m² for the regional direction of Orange in Montpellier.


Resale of 2 real estate projects for more than 30 million euros

Launch of 6 environmental buildings for more than 20 000 m².

Creating the GREENVIEW concept


Increase in ARTEA's capital and transformation into a limited company (SA)

Creation of subsidiaries ARTEPROM real estate development company and ARTESOL, environmental engineering company

Integration of the first photovoltaic power plants

Resale of 3 buildings with added value of 7.7 million euros


Launch of the first renovation operation restructuring and acquisition of a building of 5 000 m² in Aix-en-Provence


Decision to open the capital by contribution of assets with the arrival of Bruno Hanrot which brings 4 office buildings in Aix-en-Provence.


SBC FUND is renamed ARTEA

Separation of the promotion and estate activity by the creation of the company B PROMOTION which recovers the promotional activity and of which ARTEA remains shareholder at 25%. Refocusing investments on corporate real estate


Creation of the company SBC FUND with the aim of developing a promotional activity and a real estate activity

Our Subsidiaries

real estate


The property ARTEA develops a wealth of assets housed in investment funds that it is for own account.
Among these funds, the Caisse des dépôts is a co-investor of 35% for one and 40% for the other of two specialised funds composed of environmental buildings.
ARTEA will eventually be one of the first private environmental landowners to measure the environmental performance of its assets annually, and in particular its CO2 balance sheet.


ARTEPROM's vocation is to realize environmental buildings by offering the best possible performances, while proposing a level of rent according to the average of its market.
Our concept of environmental "low cost" allows our customers to benefit from significant operating savings guaranteed over time.

ARTEPROM proposes, throughout the territory some real estate solutions – bespoke buildings , turnkey, restructuring of existing building – for its customers users or investors.


It develops a network of innovative tertiary parks throughout the territory.
An ARTEPARC is distinguished by the performance and environmental approach of its buildings. This approach is also found in services and day to day management.
This new generation of tertiary parks is a revolution in how to conceive the living heart of a company.

STUDIO ARTEA, interior design and architecture studio

STUDIO ARTEA's objective is to offer each of its clients solutions aimed at facilitating exchanges and well-being at work by putting people at the centre of its approach, with an environmental approach. The studio develops innovative layout concepts and designs or redevelops places that respond to new ways of working for large groups, SMEs or start-ups.



Since 2007, ARTEA has been a committed player in renewable energies. It is present in solar photovoltaic energy and hydraulic energy. Its subsidiary dream Energie brings together all these green energy production activities. This company aims to distribute its electricity to its customers tomorrow.


ARTESOL ENERGIE is the holding company that owns the companies operating the hydroelectric and photovoltaic power plants, the society that supplies the energy DREAM ENERGY and the environmental engineering company ARTESOL.


ARTESOL carries out the Mission of consulting and environmental engineering and piloting the strategy for the development of renewable energies of the ARTEA group. She is at the crossroads of real estate and energy trades, both designer and developer of equipment for environmental buildings. It specializes in the realization of built-in integrated solar power plants.
It is the "research laboratory" of Artea ARTEA group, allowing the whole group to develop innovative programs.



ARTECOM is the management and asset management subsidiary of the ARTEA group, which has a renowned expertise in facilities management of the Group's assets.
It provides the management (rental and technical) of the real estate as an asset manager. It drives the commercialization as well as a policy of arbitrage.


The ARTEA Services subsidiary offers business support services to the Arteparc with, for example, coworking centers, meeting spaces, concierge services, gym, nurseries, restaurants, breweries and sandwich shops.

Services related to sustainable development are also developed such as carpooling, electric vehicles, vegetable gardens.


ARTEA reinvents the concept of coworking by implanting it in the heart of its ARTEPARC.
Thus COWORKOFFICE offers not only the services of a Coworking space but also a real meeting place between the structured companies of ARTEPARC and the entrepreneurs, start-ups or independents. This crossroads of experiences makes it a unique ecosystem.
Place where the animation is ensured by our teams of experts, able to create a synergy between these different communities, COWORKOFFICE is well the nerve core of the ARTEPARC and our urban operations, essential component of our future developments but also one of the components of the ARTEA brand as well as the energy transition.

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COLOFT will offer cosy apartments, and design suites, designed to work and stay in a pleasant and warm living environment.

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