is a portal specialized in Coworking Spaces / Flex Offices which lists all the coworking spaces in France. In an article entitled "Top 6 of the most beautiful coworking spaces in France" published on 15/01/2021, COWORKOFFICE Lille is ranked the 3rd most beautiful coworking space in France.

Thus, one can read: "Freshly opened on the capital of Flanders, within the Arteparc Lille-Lesquin, CoworkOffice fits perfectly into this new generation tertiary park. The summum of flexibility and agility, the space offers several options to meet everyone's needs: nomadic space, private offices, office space to be fitted out, meeting rooms...
All the spaces are truly inspiring and offer a clever blend of natural and urbanity. The Atrium is also particularly interesting for events, conferences, workshops or temporary exhibitions.
The little extra we liked: the "green workshops" conducted for park users inviting them to adopt more responsible behaviours. »

On Tuesday 19 January 2021 at 12 noon, Mr Dario NARDELLA, Mayor of Florence, and Mr Philippe BAUDRY, DG of ARTEA, presented the project for the reconversion and transformation of Sant'Orsola at a virtual press conference.

This architectural restructuring project has been imagined as a living space combining heritage and culture.

Within the framework of a consultation with the Metropolitan City of Florence, the ARTEA Group was selected to rehabilitate the Sant'Orsola site with the signature of a concession contract granting it the use of the site for 50 years.

The complex of Sant'Orsola is a former convent of the 14th century built around 3 large courtyards, with a total area of about 17,000 m2.

Located in the heart of Florence, Sant'Orsola is close to the Mercato Centrale di Firenze, the main station Santa Maria-Novella, Piazza del Duomo, the Basilica San Lorenzo, and the Medici Chapels.

From the first visit to the site almost two years ago, ARTEA was seduced by the beauty and poetry of the place. This complex also offers fantastic potential, particularly thanks to its organization around the three courtyards.

In cooperation with the City of Florence and under the patronage of the Mayor Mr. Dario NARDELLA, ARTEA will revive the Sant'Orsola complex by creating a real living space offering a range of uses and activities (of public and private interest).

Indeed, Sant'Orsola is a jewel dear to the heart of the Florentines, and that is why ARTEA has imagined a 100% Florentine project where Sant'Orsola is open to the city.

As a priority, Sant'Orsola will be home to facilities of public interest that aim to bring new services to the inhabitants of the district and the city:

In a complementary way, facilities of private interests:

All the facilities and services offered aim to meet the needs and desires of its visitors as closely as possible. Thus, anyone staying at Sant'Orsola will be able to: meet & share, learn & work, be inspired & entertained, eat & rest.

Seduced by the special atmosphere and ambience that reigns in Sant'Orsola, ARTEA will draw inspiration from the many transformations of the building over the centuries to design a renovation that both respects the identity of the place and enhances the works being renovated.

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Italian television talks about it

Philippe Baudry was the guest this Tuesday, November 3, 2020 of the economic editorialist Jean-Marc Sylvestre as part of his program "Business Inside" broadcast on Forbes TV.
During a fifteen-minute interview, Philippe Baudry shares his vision of 3rd generation real estate.

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This Tuesday, 14 July 2020, Claude Strasser, Managing Director of POST Luxembourg, presented the transformation and reconversion project of the Hôtel des Postes, located rue Aldringen in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in the presence of Lydie Polfer, Mayor of the City of Luxembourg, as well as Philippe Baudry, CEO of the ARTEA Group, co-investor and future operator of the project.

An architectural project focused on the customer experience

The conversion of this emblematic building had been the subject of a call for ideas in 2015 without any proposal being retained. Our project aims to restore and sublimate the cultural and architectural dimension of the Hôtel des Postes. Its reconversion will also make it possible to
this real estate complex its original aspect. This restructuring work will take about 2 years to complete, with delivery in 2023.

The new use of the Hôtel des Postes must be commensurate with the importance of this cultural and architectural heritage for Luxembourgers. In its new decor, it will be a place open to different clienteles, first and foremost Luxembourgers, tourists, businessmen and women, and anyone attracted by the discovery of a new magical place.
With a total surface area of 8,600 m², the ground floor, with its inner courtyard, will house a restaurant, a bar, shops, as well as the lobby of a Lifestyle hotel that meets the codes of this new generation of hotels. Spaces from the first to the fourth floor will be reserved 75% for the hotel business and 25% for coworking. The basement will be dedicated to an independent wellness area accessible to all.

The concept of this very innovative project, after being validated by POST Luxembourg, was presented to Géraldine Dohogne, designer and interior designer based in London. She will be responsible for the design and interior layout of the entire Hotel des Postes project.
This first collaboration with Géraldine Dohogne will be renewed on other future comparable projects developed by ARTEA.

At the press conference, Philippe Baudry, ARTEA's President and CEO, stressed: "This is a very important milestone in the history of ARTEA.
he conversion project of the emblematic Hôtel des Postes in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg bears witness to the know-how of ARTEA whose teams have imagined an innovative architectural programme capable of giving new life to this exceptional heritage steeped in history. Our desire is to integrate it into the city of tomorrow thanks to its new uses. Through this operation, ARTEA illustrates its desire to continue developing its activity as a services hub.

Not content to offer offices with the lowest loads in the region in responsible buildings with a very high level of comfort and environmental performance, l'Arteparc Lille took advantage of these few weeks in the green to intensify its concepts of urban agriculture.

That's how an apple orchard came to life last April. The 60 apple trees planted and maintained by our gardeners will be used to squeeze an organic apple juice for the gourmet breakfasts of the our future Coloft .

In addition to the existing greenhouse, permaculture vegetable gardens and green spaces, a second market garden greenhouse has found its place in the park.

Thus, the park's occupants, gardening enthusiasts or those seeking contact with nature during their meridian break, have the opportunity to participate in weekly gardening workshops during the season to learn how to cultivate according to the principle of permaculture. And they discover the pleasure, at harvest time, of taking home and then cooking the fruit of their labour.

Some of the vegetables from the greenhouses and the vegetable garden are also directly processed by our 4 on-site restaurateurs to offer you seasonal dishes in short circuits. Last autumn, it was a full house for the tasting of a complete meal around pumpkin concocted by Molly's café in our Coworkoffice building.

The Arteparc Lille continues to develop and is keen to offer its occupants a green setting: a main mall with trees, a biodiversity area surrounding the park, a vegetated water basin... Thus, setting up in the Arteparc Lille means working in an environment that takes care of your well-being in a park where sustainable development is at the heart of the design thinking.

If you too would like to enjoy the green, we will be happy to show you our park and its eco-designed buildings.

Learn more about l'Arteparc Lille.

Contact us, we will be delighted to help you discover the pleasure of working at Arteparc Lille-Lesquin.
Johann Antonacci - Director of Nord ARTEPROM agency:

After these weeks when the building's activity had to learn to readapt, our partner teams were able to bounce back and accompany ARTEA for a resumption in the best possible sanitary conditions.

Gel, masks, glasses, gloves, cleaning areas, everything has been put in place to ensure that our companies and their teams work without risk and to enable our customers to set up on the Arteparc Lille-Lesquin in compliance with the commitments that bind us.

3 buildings under construction on Arteparc Lille-Lesquin

Thus, work on the construction of 3 buildings has resumed. In addition to Coloft, our first co-living building which will open its doors in 2021, building G with a surface area of 2000m² will be completed in September 2020.

Building G

The LM building, with a surface area of 5300m², will be delivered in December this year.

Patio of the LM building

These 2 buildings, like all the buildings in the Arteparc Lesquin Artepark, will operate on a self-consumption basis to meet the energy needs of the occupants with a very high level of environmental performance.

Our teams and partners work closely together to offer tertiary buildings with a very high level of performance that meet the challenges of the third Industrial Revolution as envisaged by Jerémy Rifkin in a verdant park offering many services.

On the technical aspects, the Arteparc Lille-Lesquin buildings offer :

Passive design :

Active design :

Like the other buildings of the Arteparc Lille-Lesquin, the buildings under construction will be labelled Effinergie+.

The ARTEA Group thus succeeds in offering buildings with a very high level of comfort and environmental performance in an unprecedented working environment while offering the lowest loads in the region!

Are you interested in setting up your company in the Arteparc Lille-Lesquin?

We benefit from available space:

Contact us, we will be delighted to help you discover the pleasure of working at Arteparc Lille-Lesquin.
Johann Antonacci - Director of Nord ARTEPROM agency:
Claire Rousseau - Director of Development ARTEA Services: