It was naturally in the DNA of ARTEA to create an innovative building in the heart of the Technopole of sustainable development of the Arbois in Aix-en-Provence, mixing companies, research units and University departments in the field of the environment.

The RIFKIN, with a floor area of 3,290 m² (3,290 sq.ft.) is developed over 5 levels (ground floor + 4) and a basement level. Levels R+1 to R+4, designed as open spaces, can accommodate also tertiary, research or training and teaching programs.

The reading of the specifications, the wooded and privileged context of the land, and the philosophy of the ARTEA group led us to think of an architecture in adequacy with the current environmental context.

The Architectural expression results from the implementation of solutions to reduce the building's energy needs and avoid summer overheating problems.

Thus, during the design phase, we implemented a twofold approach:
Work on the South and South-West façades or "hot façades", which consists in protecting the front as much as possible from the sun in order to limit the energy supply;
Work on the East and North façades or "cold façades" which, makes it possible to capture a maximum of light and sunshine, especially during winter periods.

Finally, the building produces solar energy with its roof equipped with a photovoltaic power plant.