Inauguration on September 6, 2018 of COWORKOFFICE

On 6 September, ARTEA inaugurated, in the heart of the Arteparc Lille Lesquin, its first new concept of coworking in France COWORKOFFICE.

Throughout the evening, the 350 guests discovered cosy and warm working spaces, themed meeting rooms with inspiring atmospheres, as well as the many services offered in the daily space such as sports classes, sessions of massage Amma seated, delivery of peasant baskets or even a Concierge.

Guided tours presented the COWORKOFFICE workspaces explaining the story behind this new concept of coworking, combining business, well-being and sustainable development within a business park.

The central terrace became a friendly market where everyone could taste the flavours. casino regional of local producers whose products are delivered each week within COWORKOFFICE as part of farmers' baskets.

Combining sustainable development and well-being, the COWORKOFFICE greenhouse in which Mickaël, our passionate gardener of Permaculture gives workshops gardening allowing all the coworkers, but also the employees of the Arteparc Lille Lesquin to learn the foundations of a responsible culture has also been inaugurated by proposing gardening workshops to the guests who have been greatly appreciated!